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Benefits of managed IT services provided by ZTS

Visibility is power in cybersecurity. Assessing the state of your technology and IT systems can be crucial to improving your security and knowing where to place your time and effort to create a more secure network. A technology assessment outlines your risk and vulnerabilities which we use to evaluate methods of protection, against your risk allowance. From here, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to make the best investments for your business and spend as little as possible on optimizing your security.

Identify, Prioritize, Manage and Mitigate Risks

Despite businesses spending more than ever before on security, most organizations are no more secure than they were in the past. This is because their expenses are spent performing the wrong actions based on a lack of knowledge. A cyber risk assessment gets to the core of your network, and at the core, powerful knowledge is born that allows you to identify your risk and implement the processes to protect yourself from threats. A risk assessment identifies where you need protection and creates a roadmap to help you get there, optimizing your spending and maximizing your security.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing services allow you to investigate your security posture through an external entrance into your systems. It’s also known as ethical hacking because of the way it penetrates through vulnerable entry points to highlight and identify risks and vulnerabilities, except instead of a criminal entering your system, it's a team of experts on your side. Zenuit’s penetration testing causes minimal disruption while mimicking the strategies of an attacker and evaluating the hackability of your computer systems, web applications, or network. Penetration testing tools can also confirm your adherence to compliance regulations. Zenuit performs expert penetration testing as a preventative measure that discerns the measures that need to be taken to protect your systems to the required level. Once we understand the level of a hypothetical threat, we can accurately map and efficiently plan security actions, so you know where to spend your time and money in optimizing your protection.

Compliance Remediation

Zenuit’s compliance remediation services provide a structured approach to mitigate cybersecurity compliance gaps in your network and computer systems. Our team of cybersecurity experts supports your internal resources to efficiently and cost-effectively remediate your IT tasks that risk falling outside of compliance standards. Zenuit Consulting Services are embedded in the cybersecurity industry, and we’re constantly aware of the impact of constant regulatory changes and how you can remain compliant to avoid penalties. Constant evolutions aren't easy to manage independently, so deploying our compliance remediation service when you need to update your compliance can combat these issues efficiently.

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