Why hire an internal IT person, when you can have an entire team of IT experts for a fraction of the cost?

Why use ZCS Managed Security Services?

As modern use of technology becomes a world of its own, it takes a specialist to stay up-to-date with the needs of cybersecurity. Cloud technology, innovative software systems, and growing usage of big data have created an ecosystem of cybercriminals with evolving techniques, and IT teams just aren’t equipped to protect businesses. This is why, when you revert to traditionally-managed IT services or in-house teams to manage security you don’t see the expected rise in security because they lack the specialist ability to innovate with the changing landscape. Using our managed security services means you have direct access to experts ahead of industry trends, in the best position to keep you secure. We deliver security agility, insights, and cost predictability that in-house teams or managed IT services don’t have the capacity to deliver. The result is a solution that performs the right actions in the right locations at the right time – in other words, resources are optimized for maximum efficiency and reduced costs.

Vulnerability Assessment

Delivering a blanketed approach to security leaves your vulnerabilities open and allows your mission-critical data to fall into protection gaps. Instead, we conduct vulnerability assessments to identify and quantify security vulnerabilities in your environment. It delivers an in-depth analysis of your information security posture, highlighting both the weaknesses and the appropriate mitigation procedure to eliminate their risk or reduce them to an acceptable level. This solution channels resources to where they are most needed, so all of your systems have the required level of protection

Penetration Testing

By mimicking the actions of cyber attackers, application penetration testing can assess your security position and your susceptibility to threats. It delivers visibility on your vulnerabilities, and with this insight, the appropriate remediation can secure the entry point before a real cybercriminal exploits it. Penetration testing services can deliver a holistic review of your business risk and resolve flaws to keep you protected.

Cloud Security

Cloud technology offers many expansive benefits to businesses, but it also requires an additional layer of data and information protection. Users are responsible for protecting their own information from theft, leakage, and deletion when they use cloud infrastructure. Cloud security approaches differ from traditional IT security because they must support the frictionless, dynamic and agile movement of data within the cloud. We deploy a comprehensive, zero-trust approach to cloud security, and help you design a solution that will meet your needs and provide zero-worry. Whatever clouds your data needs to reach, we’ll be there to protect it.

Industry Compliance

Your compliance requirements depend on the type of data you accept and process, and some businesses will have more stringent standards to meet than others. Though, all businesses should be aware of their compliance posture and the requirements to avoid the risk of being non-compliant. Our managed cybersecurity services help companies align to and maintain their compliance for PCI-DSS and NIST-800 through assessing, recommending, and remediating infrastructure and information security policies.

ZCS MDR (Managed Detection and Response)

We protect the technology systems that you use every day from cyberthreats in real-time, through our managed detection and response service. Our team is security-focused by nature and has years of experience in managing, monitoring, and reacting to cyber threats. With each year of experience under our belt, our protection only gets stronger, more agile, and delivers more insights that reduce costs. Our solution spans clouds, networks, and endpoints – everywhere that you are, we’re there too, which means we have complete visibility into your information systems and we can react to threats in real-time. We use a combination of custom-developed software and artificial intelligence solutions with the ability to interrupt in-progress attacks in seconds and cause no disruption to your daily business operations. Assessing your cybersecurity may raise some complicated questions, like how will you recover from an incident? Who can bring your applications back online? And how can you secure unsupported workloads? It’s a complex task with complicated answers, but our ZCS MDR service exists to answer these questions for you and get you back to your core business objectives.

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